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Addresses of visitor centers

Administrative center of national park "Vodlozersky":
Petrozavodsk, Parkovaya str. 44
phone/fax (8142) 764-417, (8142) 764 379
e-mail: turvodlo@onego.ru; vodloz@karelia.ru
Onega branch: city Onega of Arkhangelsk region,
Naberegnaya Popova str. 5
phone/fax (81839) 715-20
e-mail: parkoneg@atnet.ru
Vodlozero branch: village Kuganavolok of Pudozh region
Phone (814-52) 30-110,
e-mail: vodloz-buh@onego.ru
You can get detailed information about the Park in visitor centers in Petrozavodsk, Onega and in Kuganavolok village, where experienced guides can conduct a fascinating excursion for you.