Vodlozero National Park

Vodlozerye – is ancient historical area of Russia North, where is concentrated thick layer of original culture, which is presented in traditions of aboriginal population, in toponymy and remarkable works of wooden architecture. National park “Vodlozersky” was established by decree of the government of the Russian Federation in 1991 to preserve the unique natural environment and cultural heritage of the Vodlozero area, to carry out scientific research, organize ecological education and tourism. Park became the first protected object of such level on the European North of Russia. The Vodlozero national park is situated in the Republic of Karelia and Archangel District covering an area of close to half a million hectares. In 2001 by decree of UNESCO Park received a status of biosphere reserve, first in the system of national parks of Russia. The park is a federal nature-conservative, scientific and ecology educational establishment, which has a staff of trained specialists, experts and rangers who are ready to serve visitors. The administrative center of the Park is located in Petrozavodsk. Territory of the park is divided on 3 forestries: Vodlozero area with center in Kuganavolok village, Ileksa area with center in town Onega and Pudog area – village Valdai.

Vodlozersky park today is a venue for international scientific expeditions, seminars, conferences and museum exhibitions. The Park also arranges ecological camps and programs. The ancient ceremonies of local – folk festivals, songs, crafts are reviving here, old churches are restoring. Chapels and holy crosses are erecting in memory of the deserted villages. The guides and rangers of the Park maintain tourist centers, campsites, hiking trails and other facilities.
There are four visitor centers in Vodlozersky park. The biggest one is Petrozavodsk, every year thousands of guests of Karelia republic are visiting it. Three others are situated on the territory of the park.

Visit of the territory of national park "Vodlozersky" is possible only with special permission issued by administration of the park. More detailed information about permissions and services rendered by park you can find out in administrative centers of the park and on our web page in TOURISM section.