Estimation of nature-conservative concernment of the park

i4668-image-original.jpgVodlozersky national park has traits of national (Russian) and world natural and historico-cultural heritage starting from the following reasons:

There are unique monuments of Earth history here. Unique in the world places of abruption of ancient rocks of 3, 4 billion years old and unique in Europe abruptions of volcanogenic sedimentary of Proterozoic are situated in the park.
Today there are 8 historico-archaeological layers revealed on a territory of the park which have great importance for research of ancient cultures of north of Europe, starting from mesolite period.
Park presents an outstanding example of manifestation of important processes of evolution of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in postglacial period. Biggest in Europe massive of representative zonal aboriginal consocietums of boreal coniferous 

i4670-image-original.jpgforests including virgin climax communities of spruce and pine forests and their variegated natural regenerative stages are preserved here. Evolved here ecosystems are not affected, their habit and structure were forming during a long period of time and they have high biodiversity. In this connection various processes of natural dynamics and evolution of these taiga ecosystems may regard as etalon. Significant part of the park's territory is one of the biggest in the world and biggest in Europe complex paludal and forest nature reserve. At the same time bogs cover more than 40% of all park's territory. Undisturbed high and transitory bogs differ in completeness and variety of species composition and in complicated organization of structure which is connected with natural boarders of paludal zones. Modern processes of bogs dynamics are very pronounced.

Primeval lacustrine-paludal systems of the park play an important role in maintenance of stable water balance of vast territory of Baltic drainage area. Paludal complexes of the park, due to their absolute undisturbance have a great importance for study of CO cycles. Natural course of hydrological processes is also typical for the park. Absence of any man impact and pollution is a big rarity in present time.
Processes of evolution and natural dynamics of undisturbed paludal and taiga ecosystems in the park are standard for East European midlle- and north taiga landscape provinces. They are of great value for fundamental geographical and ecological investigations.
i4669-image-original.jpgPark is notable for astonishing and attractive traits. For its sizes, degree of safety and integrity this massive of paludal and taiga grounds is one of the biggest in Europe and world. At present time forest tract of Vodlozerie represent peculiar island in a sea of glades. Forests of the park make an impression because of their natural undisturbance, size and age of wood species. Lakes of the park are very attractive. Remarkable monuments of wooden architecture on islands give a peculiar look to Vodlozerie.

In the park there are habitats of several species of animals and plants which have world-wide significance for science and preservation of biodiversity of nature. In Vodlozersky national park great amount of rare species of fauna is preserved; several representatives of fauna included in international Red Data Book, among which ichthyophagous birds of prey which have a great importance (white-tailed eagle, osprey and golden eagle) are under protection. Local population of white-tailed eagle and osprey is biggest among known in Europe intra-continental populations.
Water-paludal lands of the park have international significance as a junction of migration and reproduction of waterfowls (divers, swans, ducks, geese, etc.) including rare (whooper swan, Bewick's swan, barnacle goose).

i4671-image-original.jpgThis territory presents itself an important in taiga zone of Europe hotbed of reproduction of typical for this zone species of animals and plants.
There is a biggest in European part of Russia grouping of grouse and population of martens concentrated in the park. Vodlozersky Park provides reproduction of these and also other taiga species (brown bear, wolf, fox, lynx, European mink, wolverine, badger and etc.) on vast surrounding territory, which exceeds an area of the park in 15-20 times. At the same time donor role of the park grows all the time because of fast pauperization of species composition of animals in neighbor regions.
Flora of the park is noted for unusually high saturation of Eastern, Siberian and rare species. Park practically plays a role of refugium of these species in Europe.