i4694-image-original.jpgAlong the periphery of the park, surrounding it from 3 parts, one of the major watersheds of the Earth is located, which divides the basins of the Artic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, several rivers which upper reaches are bordering park from West, North and East are tributaries of White Sea (Vyg, Nuchcha, Maloshuyka, Onega). But from main territory water is interflowing in one powerful stream of river Vodla, rushing to South-West to Baltic Sea, giving the beginning to one of the biggest lacustrine and river system of Europe – Neva (river Verchnyaia – riv.Ileksa – lake Vodlozero – riv.Vodla – Onego lake – riv.Svir' – Ladoga lake – riv.Neva - Gulf of Finland).
i4693-image-original.jpgRiver Ileksa is the main current of the basin. Its length from the lake Kerazh is 120 km. Ileksa takes the beginning at south slope of Wind Belt mountain-ridge in area of mountain Gorelaya (293 m above sea level). Up to the Lake Kerazh it is called Verhnyaia, and after – Ileksa. It flows in rather shallow valley. Total fall of the river is 114 m. From the left and right Ileksa takes a lot of tributaries – rivers Olova, Tunguda, Uchta, Chusreka and Ohtoma.