Rules of visit

It's necessary to remember about restrictions currently in force on a territory of the national park:

  • Visit of the park is possible only with special permissions issued by administration of the park. Price of the permission per person is 200 rubles for 10 days, 250 rubles for 15 days and 300 rubles for 20 days.
  • When you are following the route, never change direction which was coordinated with administration of the park. The only exception is state of emergency.
  • It's possible to travel by rivers and lakes of the park by yourself but only on boats without engine. Try to make as little noise as possible and don't leave signs of your stay in taiga.
  • Do not use synthetic detergents in natural reservoirs. There is а live in reservoirs, so let it develop in clean environment.
  • It's possible to stay, make camp-fires, set up camp only on specially equipped places, which are arranged on every route.
  • Do not litter places of stop and routes. Leave garbage only in specially intended and equipped for it places. Do not leave after yourself inscriptions on trees and rocks. Such autographs are bad memory for many years.
  • If you stayed overnight in hut or tourist's shelter, please leave there salt, matches and dry firewood for next customers.
  • Never leave burning fire when you leave the place, even if it's rainy weather. When you leave forest hut make sure that there is no fire and embers in stove.
  • Do not gather ornamental plants and herbs - there might be rare and vanishing species among them. Do not pluck flowers. Let them grow and make you and your children happy and be useful for animals whose lives are connected with lives of these plants.
  • Please do not cut trees and bushes even if you think that they are not alive anymore. Do not tear off birch bark. There is a stock of firewood for you on the equipped stops.
  • It's not allowed to collect archaeological and ethnographic collections, botanical herbariums without special permission.
  • You can catch fish only with fishing-rod and spinning if you have permission.
  • You should pick up mushrooms and berries only for personal use.
  • Do not take a weapon with you - it's not allowed to hunt in the park.
  • Do not approach nests because predator can detect and destroy them after you.
  • Nature lives by its own laws that's why never save founded by you "helpless" baby of a moose, hare or bird, thinking that its mother has left it.
  • Respect any animal you meet on the route be it a big bear or small lizard. Remember that it's their house not yours and let them feel comfortable and save there.