Forest cordon Novguda – this is a wooden two-storied guest house on a river bank. There are also official cordon nearby with radio communication, informational center with fireplace hall and equipped kitchen (gas, crockery for 10 persons), autonomous illumination, sauna, equipped fireplace, smoking shed for fish, boat. WC is outside.
Cordon is situated on a bank of Ileksa river – main water artery of Vodlozero national park. Banks of the river in this place are high, steep and sandy. Width of the river in this place reaches 10-15 m. In 50 m up-stream there is a place of confluence of another river – Novguda. There are spruce and pine forests around the cordon which are rich in bilberries and cowberries. Not far from the cordon (40 m) passes an ecological trail ”Monastyrka“ which you can use to go to tourists village Varishpelda (17 km) or to tourists center on the lake Luzskoe (25 km). Only in 7 km from Novguda cordon rapid Podsigovec is situated and in 3 km from it along the trail – former village Kalakunda. Nowadays there are summer kitchen, shelter for 4 persons and equipped fireplace are built. Also here are situated biggest rapids on the Ileksa river, total extension of the rapids is 2 km. Attendant guide will conduct a fascinating excursion about former village and ancient hunting trail.
You can get to the Novguda cordon by small motor craft (10 persons) – 3 hours one way, motor boat (2 persons) – 1 h 40 min. one way.
(10 persons)
1 floor – one room with 3 two-tier beds, stove, table, bedside-tables.
2 floor – one room, 4 beds and bedside-tables.
Island Kanzanavolok – biggest island on Vodlozero Lake – is situated in north-easternpart of lake Vodlozero. In the old days there were largest villages in Vodlozero – Kanzanavolok and Koskosalma. Now there are several guest houses (in different ends of the island), remain chapels and museum of boat craft and also former fields, which are motley grassy meadows nowadays and the lake around. Kanzanavolok and Koskosalma are one of most beautiful places on Vodlozero and ideal place for family rest. Another advantage is that Ilinsky pogost church and Varishpelda village are near.
You can get to the guest house by small motor craft (10 persons) – 1,3 hours one way, motor boat (2 persons) – 1 hour one way.
(4 persons)
Guest house – an ancient peasant house of the beginning of 20 century. Typical house of northern building up, where dwelling part is joined with household (there is an exposition of old peasant's way of life now). The house is for 4 persons, there are room for rest and room for eating. There are stove, necessary crockery, pots and pans for autonomous dwelling of 4 persons.
The house is situated on a shore of the lake. Sauna is in several meters from the house. Small pier and boat. WC is outside.
Guest houses Ohtoma – situated on the shore of lake Vodlozero (south-western part of the lake). This is the only cordon on the territory of the park where is possible to get by car. There are 2 houses on the territory, summer kitchen and summer hall which is possible to use for different purposes, equipped fireplace, autonomous illumination, boat, sauna. In both houses there are new furniture, stoves and inventory.
Sauna is situated in a shore of sandy beach. There is pine forest around the cordon which is rich in bilberries and cowberries.
You can get to Ohtoma by small motor craft (10 persons) – 1,2 hours one way, motor boat (2 persons) – 40 minutes one way.

(8+4 persons)
First house is one-storied, for 4 persons. There is one room in the house with 2 two-tier beds and small kitchen.
Second house is two-storied, for 8 persons (in summer) and 5 person (in winter time). On the first floor there is a room with 2 two-tier beds + one additional place and kitchen. On the second floor there is a room for 3 persons.
WC is outside.
Tourist's shelter Kalakunda.
Small shelter for 4 persons is situated on a bank of river Ileksa at the place of former village Kalakunda. Now there summer kitchen is built, fireplace is equipped. The bank of the river is pretty steep at this place, also biggest rapids on the river are situated here, total extension of the rapids is 2 km. To nearest place where is possible to stop the boat (for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers) is necessary to walk 3 km by the trail.
You can get to Kalakunda by small motor craft (10 persons) – 3,5 hours one way, motor boat (2 persons) – 2 hours one way.
Wooden shelter for 4 persons. One room with 2 two-tier beds, stove, table. It's necessary to have your own sleeping bags.