Culture of Russian North

Duration: 4 days/3 nights
Amount of participants: up to 10 persons

i6457-image-original.jpgDay 1
09.00 Arrival to Petrozavodsk
10.30 - 17.00  Excursion to Kizhi island
18.00 Transfer on a speed-boat across Onego lake to port Shala (1h.40 min)
20.00 Accommodation in a guest-house in Shal'skiy village (house on the bank of Shala river).

Day 2
08.00 Breakfast
08.40 Transfer to a territory of the national park "Vodlozersky" by motor (2 hours)
Sightseeing tour on Vodlozero lake and its islands with motor and sailing vessel "St. Elias" (5 hours). Disembarkation
on islands and pedestrian excursions with guide. Visit of a unique monument of wooden architecture of 18th century - Ilinsky churchyard. Ensemble of Ilinsky churchyard is built on secluded island in the middle of Vodlozero lake.
Lunch on the journey (packed meal). Survey of archeological and cultural monuments of Vodlozero area.
19.00 Arrival to Varishpelda village. Accommodation. Brief excursion.

Village Varishpelda is situated in a small cozy bay on a place of lost old village. It is surrounded with coniferous forest with big amount of mushrooms and berries. There are 2 dwelling houses in the village assigned for accommodation of tourists - they are exact copies of traditional northern houses and were built in 2000-2002.
20.00 Traditional black sauna
21.00 Dinner

i4797-image-original.jpgDay 3
09.00 Breakfast
Fishing on the unique reservoir of Karelia republic – lake Vodlozero or on the river Suhaya Vodla. Hike on ecological trail. Trail goes on former monastic road. Hundreds years ago traveler could get to White sea by this road. Today the trail represents astonishing in beauty parts of different types of karelian taiga and classical swamps. Along the trail travelers will see a lot of interesting historical and natural objects: sacred trees – carsicco, trees with boundary-marks, nests of big birds of prey.
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Departure to Kuganavolok village
17.30 Transfer from Kuganavolok to port Shala
20.00 Transfer from Shala to Petrozavodsk by a speed-boat
21.40 Arrival to Petrozavodsk. Accommodation in a hotel.

i6459-image-original.jpgDay 4
09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Departure to village Sheltozero. Excursion to ethnographic museum of Vepsi culture. At the end of excursion tea with national pastry – "kalitki". Transfer to village Gimreka. Sightseeing of unique monuments of wooden architecture. Return to Petrozavodsk.